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Volunteering Documents

A lot of work goes on to create an enhanced experience and activities for students, both in and out of the classroom.  The key to our success is dependent upon people who are willing to provide some of their time:  Volunteers.

We strongly encourage all families to attend our meetings, and donate just a few hours of their time to one of our events.  It is very easy to get involved, there is no time commitment required, and the benefits to your children are immeasurable.  You will also find that it is a fun way to meet other families and an extremely rewarding way to become proactive in your child’s life.

How you can help:  email ocs@hrsb.ca  to join our volunteer email list.  There is no obligation for signing up. You will get emails about fun ways to help out.  Any little bit of volunteer help makes a huge difference to our school, our teachers and your child.

Criminal Record Check:  At the outset of the 2012/2013 school year, the Halifax Regional School Board brought in a new policy that requires volunteers to provide a criminal record check, as well as a child abuse registry search.  As outlined in the HRSB's STUDENT PROTECTION POLICY, a volunteer is defined as follows:  "An individual who interacts with students in an environment that is not supervised at all times by HRSB teachers or administrators.  A volunteer includes, but is not limited to, a coach, a driver, a regular classroom helper and a trip chaperone."  Please note:  a criminal record check in NOT required for someone volunteering at one of the Family Fun Nights that take place at the school, nor for someone volunteering to work at the Annual Christmas Gift Mart.

These 2 documents are not difficult to obtain.  The forms can be picked up at the school or at the local RCMP office.  You can also have the forms sent home with your child.  Once filled out, simply drop off the Criminal Record Check form at the RCMP office, along with $30*. 

 Please note, if you have these documents for another organization (sports, leadership, guides, cadets, etc) other than for the purposes outlined above, they are not transferable to the Halifax Regional School Board.

Again, if you have any questions, please contact the school office.

*these documents will be held at the school and are good for 3 years, which means the cost for volunteering is only $10/year, which is well worth it!

A volunteer is a person who believes that people can make a difference and is willing to prove it!




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