Oldfield Consolidated Elementary

What's Happening at Oldfield


Orange Shirt Day: Every Child Matters: 

 Every year, schools in HRCE recognizes Orange Shirt Day: Every Child Matters, which is observed across Canada on September 30. So on Wednesday (tomorrow), staff and students are encouraged to wear orange shirts, ribbons, masks, etc.  This day is an opportunity for us to increase our awareness about the thousands of Indigenous children across Canada who were forced from their homes to attend residential schools.  Acknowledging this day provides an active invitation for our region to participate in reconciliation.
Click the following link for more information: www.orangeshirtday.org  You can also click on the youtube link to see a short clip with Phyllis Webstad presenting her memories of Residential schools and the meaning of Orange Shirt Day https://youtu.be/E3vUqr01kAk

Photo Retakes on Friday, October 2: 

Email your child’s teacher if you would like photo retakes, along with the background choice

Staff continue to expand their learning at Oldfield:

  This past Friday, September 25, all staff participated in Professional Development on Black Lives Matter in Education and learned how we could listen, learn and act to support black Nova Scotian students.
The following YouTube music video by Owen O’Sound Lee was very moving and prompted a very rich discussion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIoY0F9fZ2g

Emergency Management Drills:

As mentioned in a previous email, staff and students will be practicing different types of emergency drills.  On Wednesday, we will be having a Hold & Secure Drill, which means that exterior and interior doors will be locked and students will continue working in their classroom. 
Last week, we practiced a Lockdown Drill and had the assistance of our School Liaison Officers.  It went extremely well and everyone moved very quickly into their safe spots in their classrooms.