Oldfield Consolidated Elementary

Responsibilities & Agendas/Minutes

The Oldfield Consolidated School Advisory Council will be responsible for:

  • providing all SAC members with a voice in decision-making.
  • working in collaboration with the principal and participating in efforts to improve student achievement and student and community well-being by receiving information on the school improvement plan and monitoring progress and improvements under the plan.
  • assisting in developing policies that promote student achievement and safe and inclusive schools.
  •  developing strategies to improve and support the extracurricular programs and special projects of the school.
  • maintaining effective communication with parents/guardians by holding regular public meetings and making copies of agendas and minutes available upon request.
  • advising the principal and staff on any matters that are referred to the school advisory council by the principal, the regional centre or the Minister.
  • in accordance with the terms of the school advisory council agreement, determining priorities for spending the funds allocated to support the mandate of the school advisory council.
  • advising the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development or the Provincial Advisory Council on policy and other educational matters.
  • preparing an annual report in the form and containing the information determined by the Minister.