Oldfield Consolidated Elementary

What's Happening at Oldfield


No School Thursday  

On Thursday, there will be no school for students.  Staff will be engaging in Professional Development in the morning, followed by Parent Teacher Phone Interviews in the afternoon.

Report Cards

On Wednesday, our first term report cards will be sent home. Teachers will be communicating a summary of student progress and achievement on the report card. Grades and report cards will be based solely upon individual learning and will reflect achievement of the outcomes as defined by the provincial curriculum and/or individual program plan. This fall our teachers have been learning about your child’s strengths and areas for additional support as they reviewed concepts and engaged with new learning. We spent the first number of weeks of this school year transitioning back to school after a most unusual spring. We spent time at the start of the year building relationships and safe routines, adjusting to different ways of learning and caring for the wellbeing of our school community. We are committed to supporting the unique needs and situations of students and their families by responding with flexibility and understanding.

I would like to assure you that we will continue to work and support your child so that they meet their full potential. In the meantime, please celebrate their strengths, recognize the challenges and work with the classroom teacher to support next steps.

School Photos
School photos can still be ordered. You can visit Photomaster Studios web site and order online at photomasterstudios.ca  All orders will now be sent home by Canada Post  instead of going to the school due to the new outbreak of COVID.  Please note that Photomasters has all the school photos on file for the past 7 years.  If you missed a year you can order past years online too.

Spirit Days
We’ve been having a Spirit Day once a month, but figured December is a great time to do it every week!  Please check the December calendar to see what the theme is each week.  If you have suggestions for future spirit days – send an email to the school or your child’s teacher.

Teacher Gifts at Christmas
There have been a few inquiries to see if children can bring their teacher a Christmas gift, but due to COVID restrictions this cannot happen this year.
We have asked students to limit what they bring from home, so it doesn’t seem right that they bring in a gift.  In the Back to School Plan, limiting items from home is one way to prevent the introduction of COVID into schools and we want to keep everyone safe and healthy over the holidays.  If your child would like to do something, one suggestion is to send a nice email, possibly using their GNSPES email account.  Teachers would love to get a written message from their students.